Satin Sheets on Wednesday Nights

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And, yes, I too am a now blogger

After several evenings of harassment by my best friend, I have finally broken down and become a fan of the blog. So, allow me to introduce myself.

I moved to Houston from Iowa 5 years ago on a whim. I don't know if it has something to do with the term "Hump Day", but I suddenly found Wednesdays to become my favorite night of the week. Now granted, it had a little to do with our friend Shinerbock and a place called Sherlocks, but there's something to be said about Southern Hospitality. And that's how Satin Sheets on Wednesday Nights became a legend in my circle.

That being said, here is my question to you? Why is it that we women tend to fall for that guy we either know we can't have - or better yet, know we shouldn't? I mean really... if I had a nickel for every unavailable man that I have professed my undying love for (ok, now don't think I'm a homewrecker - it's always been secretly, at least to the other woman in their lives!!!) I would never have to work another day in my life. Is it the idea that we know it's a safe relationship with no strings attached...? Or is it that old addage that we only want what we know we can't have? Although, I must put out there that while the professed love has always been a secret to the significant other - the object of my affections has usually been more than willing to participate.

Is it really possible for the human race to be monogomous? Or are we truly just animals acting on our basic needs and instincts? Because lets face it, as Bill Maher said, "A married man is only as faithful as his options." And can I really help it if I'm just a better option?

Let's take into account the current situation. 2 years ago I became friends with a couple (not married, but together for quite a long time.) At first, he drove me absolutely insane and grated on my every last nerve. Constantly making smart ass comments about her and never capable of a serious conversation. But as time went on I began to see the inner workings of their relationship and that it was being held together by strings. As they began to "disagree" more and more, he and I began to "agree" with each other more and more. Suddenly one Wednesday night I was faced with a dilemma.

Seeing that he was constantly being treated like a child - scolded and hollered at around every corner for the things that now make me roll with laughter, I opted to become that better option. I mean really, as a man - if faced with the choice - which would you rather have? An older, asexual, mother-like figure who passes up all chances at fun for housework and sleep..... or a younger, very vibrant, outgoing woman looking for ways to constantly make life surprising and fun? While I see it as only two clear choices, I failed to see option C - have your cake and eat it too!!! So, Bill Maher, my hats off to you for hitting the nail on the head; however, maybe next time you can continue on to explain his inability to make a choice between those options!